Law Unto Himself (1916)

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With the help of a Horsley camera that had just been developed, Crane Wilbur performed a dual role in this action picture. Allan Dwight (Wilbur), the sheriff of Circle City, bears a marked resemblance to a French surveyor, Jean Belleau (also Wilbur). When some crooks frame Belleau's brother Paul (Francis Raymond) for a crime and he is lynched, Jean swears revenge. He becomes a bandit called "the Devil" and terrorizes the countryside. Dwight, who is in love with Evelyn Thurston(Virginia Kirtley), the senator's daughter, is determined to capture the Devil. The two men meet up when Jean, while running from a pair of detectives, hides in Dwight's car. Dwight sees the good in Jean, who promises to go straight, and allows him to escape. But one of Jean's associates, Bill Holden (Louis Durham), commits a robbery in the Devil's name and pins the guilt on Dwight. Jean hears of his friend's plight and returns to Circle City to set matters straight. Holden and Jean both die in the ensuing battle, and Dwight, his name now cleared, settles down with Evelyn.