Law That Failed (1917)

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Luke Rodin (Edward Ellis), a prospector who is very much down on his luck, happens upon a cabin. He is welcomed in by Estrella Santos (Florence Short), who has been deserted by her husband. But just as she is feeding Luke, the husband returns, searching for the deed to his gold claim. There is a fight. Luke is knocked unconscious, and Estrella murders her husband. When Luke comes to, the knife is in his hand and he believes he killed the husband. He and Estrella travel up to America, where he falls in love with Alice Campbell (Alma Hanlon). Estrella insists that he marry her, not Alice, or she will turn him in as a murderer. They argue and Luke chokes Estrella to death. He is put on trial, but since Estrella's body is never found, he is found not guilty. But he cannot bear the guilt and he kills himself, which forces Alice to face the fact that he really was a murderer. This picture was loaded with errors in police procedure that made its plot glaringly implausible.