Law That Divides (1919)

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Raised by a family of pickpockets, Kathleen Preston (Kathleen Clifford) is rescued from a life of crime when she is adopted by wealthy Mrs. Preston (Mabel Hyde). Re-emerging as a society debutante, Kathleen is all set to marry wealthy Kenneth Douglas (Patrick Calhoun) when the girl's crooked mentor Mrs. Baggott (Ruth Lackaye) makes an unexpected reappearance. Threatening to tell Kenneth all about Kathleen's unsavory past, Mrs. Baggott proceeds to blackmail our unfortunate heroine. Before long, Kathleen has exhausted her bank account and is forced to steal Mrs. Preston's jewels. Upon receipt of the gems, Mrs. Baggott's equally odious son Jack (Stanley Pembrooke) attempts to rape Kathleen, whereupon she shoots him in self-defense. Through an unfortunate chain of events, Kenneth is accused of the killing, obliging Kathleen to make a full confession. It is at this point that the audience learns that Kenneth and Kathleen are actually brother and sister, having been separated at birth when the infant Kathleen was kidnapped by the Baggotts! On this startling note, the film comes to an abrupt end.