Last Payment (1921)

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As a star in Germany Pola Negri became known for her costume dramas. This picture was only the second time she was placed in a modern setting. The plot however, was dated -- it was the Theda Bara type of vamping that had been popular during the 1910s, but which seemed overly dramatic and tiresome by 1922. Director George Jacoby was no Ernst Lubitsch either, and that didn't help the film, or Negri. Lola (Negri) is the luscious looking wife of Pedro Maurez, a cattle man (Leopold von Ledebour). They go to live in South America but Lola longs for her native Paris. With the arrival of Frenchman Paul Durand (Henry Liedtke) she sees a way home. Conveniently, Maurez is killed by a band of angry peons and Lola returns to Paris with Durand. But Lola's former husband, Jules Lambert (Reinhold Schunzel), tells Paul the truth about her -- that she is evil and he went to prison because of her. Lola proves Lambert's allegations by telling Durand that she really loves his father, Henri (Albert Patry), primarily because he has more money. Paul commits suicide over this, and when Henri dumps her, Lola throws herself in front of a train.



bachelorette, death, divorce, embezzlement, imprisonment, marriage, modeling, selfishness