La Volpe dalla Coda di Velluto (1971)

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Spanish filmmaker Jose Maria Forque directed this Italian-Spanish co-production, a well-cast giallo thriller with enough nudity and violence to make up for its somewhat overly familiar plotline. Analia Gade stars as Ruth Dupre, who takes the handsome Paul Cortell (Jean Sorel) to her seaside villa on the Cote d'Azur for an erotic getaway from her failing marriage to her husband Michel (Luciano Stella, aka "Tony Kendall"). Before long, various suspicious accidents start to occur, such as the brakes on Ruth's car failing and there being no air in her scuba tanks during a recreational dive. Michel shows up at the villa too, as do Paul's mysterious friend Roland (Maurizio Bonuglia) and a woman named Daniele (Rosanna Yanni), who all seem to be part of a plot to murder Ruth for her money. Forque, who co-wrote the screenplay with three other writers, throws some interesting variations into the usual web of suspicions, overheard conversations, and backstabbing treachery, resulting in a sexy, enjoyable surprise for giallo enthusiasts.