La Vida Es Una Sola (1993)

Run Time - 84 min.  |   Countries - Peru   |  
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Everyone in Peru at this time is suffering from the sufferings of villagers in the countryside. These unfortunate people must endure the onslaughts of the irrepressible terrorist revolutionaries of the Sendero Luminoso or "Shining Path" and the equally awful counterattacks by the government. Anyone who doesn't actively support the terrorists is considered by them to be their enemy, subject to brutal reprisals. In parallel to that is the draconian attitude of Peru's military, charged with putting down the rebellion: just about everyone living in areas controled by the guerillas is assumed to be actively supporting them, and they are treated equally brutally. It's a no-win situation for the rural inhabitants of Peru. In this chilling drama, a young rural woman who has fallen in love with a guerilla is forced to perform some acts of brutality to prove her commitment to the cause - and discovers that there are some prices which are too high to pay even in the name of love.