Konzert fur die Rechte Hand (1987)

Run Time - 79 min.  |   Countries - West Germany  |  
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This bizarre and highly symbolic feature is the first movie made by American violist Michael Bartlett, who plays with the Berlin Philharmonic and the Berlin Radio Symphony. Thus, very little dialog punctuates the film. Instead, chamber music (mostly by Mozart) embellishes the action. In the story, a very masculine-appearing garbage collector is cleaning debris from a park for nudists when he runs across an abandoned female mannikin, which he claims for himself. As he carts it off to his home, the mannikin's right arm falls off. This is later picked up by a feminine-seeming antique-store owner who lacks a right arm of his own. When the antique-store owner places the arm against his shoulder, it attaches itself and comes to life. The garbage collector, meanwhile, has been hunting for the missing arm and eventually finds it on the antique dealer. He has a fight with the dealer during which their right arms get exchanged, at which point the formerly effeminate antique dealer becomes more masculine and marries the magical mannikin.