Kingdom of Youth (1918)

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Madge Kennedy, arguably the most versatile actress in the Goldwyn Studios stable, went into her "romantic" mode for The Kingdom of Youth. The story begins as Ruth and Jimmy Betts (Kennedy and Tom Moore, respectively) are having an argument over Count Duval (Lee Baker). Jimmy is mad that the Count has been hovering around his wife and he leaves the house. "Just to show him," Ruth decides to have lunch on the Count's yacht and takes a rowboat to reach it. But the little craft overturns and Ruth goes under. As she is drowning, her life flashes before her. She sees her marriage to Jimmy and how it was undermined by Ella Rice (Marie deWolfe). Rice, a middle-aged woman, had designs on Jimmy and her machinations included using Duval as a decoy for Ruth. But Ruth put a halt to the woman's scheme by smudging her hotel room. Ella, thinking the place is on fire, dashed out to the lobby and ran into Jimmy, who then saw her without all her feminine trappings. This effectively squelched that romance. While Ruth is envisioning all this, Jimmy, who has followed her, is coming to her rescue, as is Count Duval. She is unconscious when she is pulled from the water, and the two men decide that whomever she sees first when she wakes up will have her. Predictably, Ruth looks up at her husband first, and things are resolved between them.