Kildare of Storm (1918)

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Kate Leigh (Emily Stevens) is forced by her mother (Helen Lindroth) into a loveless marriage with the wealthy Basil Kildare (King Baggot). What neither of them know is that Kildare is a rat who had already "married" a servant girl, Mahaly (Florence Short). To keep Mahaly quiet when he weds Kate for real, he steals her little boy. After living at the Storm, the Kildare estate, for only a short while, Kate understands how horrible Kildare is, and her only solace is found in her friend, Mrs. Benoix (Maggie Breyer), and the woman's grown son, Dr. Jacques Benoix (Crauford Kent). Kildare becomes jealous of the doctor and orders Kate to stop seeing him. But one day, after a particularly nasty argument, Kate once again goes to the Benoix's house. She and Jacques admit they love each other, but Jacques prudently takes her back home. The next day, she writes a letter to Jacques, which Mahaly hands over to Kildare. He goes to hunt down Jacques and the two have a fight in the road. Kildare falls, and Jacques believes he has killed him. Kildare is, in fact, dead and the young doctor is convicted of manslaughter. After several years, however, Kate gets him pardoned, and then their happiness is clinched when Mahaly, on her deathbed, admits that it was she who killed Kildare. Originally, this film was a novel by Eleanor Mercein Kelly.



couple, criminal, doctor/nurse, husband, jealousy, maid, marriage, pardon, practice [professional], prison