Kidder & Ko. (1918)

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Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Cuthbert Kidder (Bryant Washburn) has never accomplished anything in life outside of winning a few billiard championships. In desperation, Cuthbert's wealthy father (Harry Dunkinson) hands him fifty bucks and kicks him out of the house, ordering him to make something of himself. Ever lucky, our hero spends ten dollars on a diamond stick-pin, which he pawns for $400 -- the better to enter yet another billiard tournament. This time, however, he is waylaid and robbed of his winnings. Lying unconscious in the road, Cuthbert is rescued by tin-can manufacturer James Knight (Wadsworth Harris) who takes the boy to his mansion to recuperate. Though both Knight and his daughter Julie (Gertrude Selby) are aware of the hero's identity, he himself is apparently suffering from amnesia, insisting that he is actually an inventor. Before he is made to prove his assertions, Cuthbert manages to rescue the Knights from a band of burglars, and in the process gets his hands on enough money to get his diamond pin out of hock, whereupon he hands the bauble to Julie as an engagement present. He then accumulates an even bigger bankroll by going into partnership with the inventor of a "cutless" tin can, selling the invention to Knight for an enormous profit. Now nearly as wealthy as his self-made father, Cuthbert Kidder returns home in triumph, having not only proven his worth to his "old man," but also to himself.