Kid Is Clever (1918)

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The "kid" is played by popular movie hero George Walsh, who more or less plays himself in this breezy romp. The story opens as film-star Walsh sets out from his studio in search of a new director. The man found is a pompous Frenchman who calls himself Jules de Hoe Beaux. Several months later, the results of Walsh's collaboration with his "discovery" are screened in the Fox projection room. The ensuing film-within-a-film deals with a young adventurer (Walsh, of course) who becomes embroiled in a South American revolution. Performing herculean feats of strength, our hero not only vanquishes the villains but also wins the heroine, who appears practically out of nowhere. At the end of this nonsensical farrago, Jules de Hoe Beaux is promptly booted off the Fox lot! One suspects that the "framing" story in The Kid is Clever was added as an afterthought, to bring coherence to an otherwise incomprehensible plotline.