Kickin' the Conga 'round (1942)

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On shore leave in South America, Popeye looks forward to visiting his girlfirend Olivia Oyla--actually Olive Oyl with an accent and darker skin--but his shipmate Bluto (wearing Navy whites for the first time) appropriates the senorita's phone number and beats Popeye to the punch. After a lively one-upsmanship session between Popeye and Bluto, Popeye escorts Olivia to the "Café La Conga", where everyone--including the waiters--moves to the rhythmic beat of the energetic bandleader (so energetic that one of his on-stage gyrations is censored!) Alas, Popeye doesn't dance, but Bluto does, and as his rival escorts Olive to the dance floor, all our hero can do is look on longily as he eats a can of spinach. But lo! The green vegetable turns Popeye into a conga dancer extraordinaire, leading to a truly memorable climax in which Olivia is ignored while Popeye and Bluto punctuate their dance (yes, their dance) with a series of bone-shattering punches.