Kemonogare - Orera no Saru to (2001)

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Taking a page from the industrial rage and kinetic style of cult director Shinya Tsukamoto, Hideaki Sunaga makes his feature debut with this look at a scriptwriter's worst nightmare. Sashi (Masatoshi Nagase who seems to be in every Japanese indie) seems to have hit bottom. His wife dumped him and moved to the UK, he's flat broke, his local liquor shop owner banned him from the establishment, and he lives in a tumbledown shack filled with some of the most horrific bugs imaginable. Even the owner of his favorite bar gave him a 10,000-yen note to not come back. Then one day, a very strange man named Mr. Kajiyama (Hosei Komatsu) --who speaks ludicrously polite Japanese and who suffers from a nagging cough -- introduces himself as a film producer looking for a script. Sashi is naturally suspicious of this strange character until Mr. Kajiyama hands him an envelope of cash. After partying a bit, he sets out to research the script only to find himself embroiled in successively weird encounters -- including sociopathic security guards, junkyard hippies, doddering coffee shop owners who serve up excrement milk shakes, and of course a baby monkey named Angie.