Johnny Appleseed (1948)

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Living on a farm near Pittsburg Town in the early 19th century, young Johnny Chapman cares only about his apple trees, picking and harvesting the luscious red fruit while singing with his animal friends. Seeing a wagon train heading westward, Johnny would like to go along, but feels that he lacks the courage and perseverance of a true pioneer. Enter Johnny's red-bearded guardian angel, who advises our hero to go West and plant as many apple trees as humanly possible. Donning a tin pot for a hat (it not only provides comfort but comes in handy at dinnertime), Johnny Appleseed, as he is now known, spends the next forty years bringing bountiful apple crops to the Great Frontier. When time comes for him to shed his "mortal husk", Johnny again meets his guardian angel, who invites him to continue planting apple trees in the Great Beyond. Singer Dennis Day provides all the character voices and performs the original songs "The Lord is Good to Me" and "There's a Lot of Work to Do". Initially released in 1948 as a segment of the animated Disney feature Melody Time, Johnny Appleseed was reissued theatrically as a separate 19-minute featurette in 1955.