Jinx (1919)

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At this point in her career, Mabel Normand had been away from the Keystone Studios for quite a while, but her current home, the Goldwyn Studios, was still touting most of her pictures as a "return to the Keystone days." This is more than a hint that most of her post-Keystone career was somewhat lacking, which is too bad; she really was one of the most talented comediennes of the silent era. Here, Normand is known as the Jinx, an orphan who does odd jobs for a circus, but who always seems to bring bad luck with her. Everyone at the circus eventually turns against her, except for the "wild man," Slicker Evans (Cullen Landis). The last straw is when serpentine dancer Rory Bory Alice (Florence Carpenter) leaves and the Jinx tries to take her place. After making a mockery of the dance, she runs away and finds refuge in an orphanage. But the cruel circus boss, Bull Hogarth (Ogden Crane) hunts her down because he thinks that she knows where Alice -- his girlfriend -- has gone. He beats Jinx and tries to set the orphanage on fire, but everyone is saved by the arrival of Slicker. He gives Hogarth his due and wins Jinx's hand. Obviously, Normand's days at Goldwyn were plagued by subpar scenarios.