Jazz and Jailbirds (1919)

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Before he teamed up with Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy co-starred with a number of other comedians. Often he was more talented than those he appeared with, as is obvious in this two-reeler with Jimmy Aubrey in the lead. It is Hardy (wearing a walrus mustache and caterpillar-like fake eyebrows), not Aubrey, who elicits the most laughs. Aubrey is a waiter at a fashionable nightclub and Hardy plays the appropriately named I.M. Ruff, an irascible customer. While Jimmy is waiting on Ruff (or getting on his nerves), another patron picks Ruff's pocket and, after taking the money, places the wallet in Jimmy's pants. The theft is discovered when Ruff tries to pay his bill and Jimmy is thrown in jail. Unfortunately for him, the prison warden happens to be Ruff. He manages somehow to escape, and Ruff goes in pursuit. Both of them are chased by a bear. Jimmy heads back to the nightclub where he has a rendezvous with his favorite dancer before being caught. Eventually his innocence is proven, and Ruff gives him some money as restitution.