Jack Chanty (1915)

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Although he was pushing fifty and looked it, stage star Max Figman managed to land a number of leading man roles in the early days of feature films. When stock broker Malcolm Piers (Figman) loses his wealth, he lights out for the northwest, leaving his client's securities in the hands of his secretary, Garrod (Al Livingston). Garrod gambles the securities away, leaving Piers an unknowing fugitive. The carefree Piers, meanwhile, is now called Jack Chanty by his associates and has fallen in love with Mary Cranston (Lolita Robertson), a quarter-breed who lives in Fort Cheecer. A steamboat arrives at the Fort carrying lieutenant governor Trangmar, his daughter, and Garrod, who is now in his employ. They hire Jack as their guide and the lieutenant governor's daughter flirts shamelessly with him. Garrod, meanwhile, with the help of half breed Ascota, plots Jack's downfall. They encourage Trangmar to jump Jack's valuable claim and have him arrested as a fugitive. But Jack escapes, and with Mary's help, proves he is innocent. Garrod and Ascota meet bad ends and Jack, who is chasing after Tangmar's daughter, returns back to civilization. But he realizes how shallow she is and returns to the Northwest, and to Mary. This film was adapted from the novel by Hulbert Footner.