It's the Natural Thing to Do (1939)

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This hilariously self-reflective "Popeye" cartoon is built around the title song, originally written for the 1937 Bing Crosby vehicle Double or Nothing by by Arthur Johnston and Johnny Burke. While merrily punching each other out in Olive Oyl's backyard, Popeye and Bluto are interrupted by an urgent letter from the Popeye Fan Club. The message requests that the two bruisers cut out the rough stuff and start behaving in more genteel and sophisticated manner. Thus, the next time we see Popeye, Bluto and Olive, they are all decked out in formal attire and exchanging polite small talk at a tea party. To no one's surprise, however, the three giggling protagonists quickly drop the sham and happily return to the same old "Slam! Bang! Pow!" After all, It's the Natural Thing to Do.