It Isn't Being Done This Season (1921)

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It's puzzling why Vitagraph chose to make this unappealing magazine story into a motion picture -- while it gave Corinne Griffith an opportunity to wear some nice fashions (something she was good at), it has little redeeming value. On her deathbed Isabelle Ventnor (Sally Crute) advises her daughter, Marcia (Griffith), to marry money. Since Marcia is left penniless she becomes a model at a modiste's shop so that she can meet rich men. Her choices narrow down to two: Oliver Lawton (Webster Campbell), who lives on his uncle's inheritance, and George Hunt (Charles Wellsley), who imports valuable Oriental rugs. When Lawton's uncle dies and doesn't leave him a cent, Marcia chooses Hunt, even though she doesn't really love him. He takes her to Turkey on their honeymoon, where she realizes the marriage is a mistake. Fortunately it doesn't take Hunt long to kick the bucket, leaving Marica a wealthy widow. She and Lawton form a business partnership and they go to Turkey together in hopes of landing the contract that Hunt failed to get. Rug maker Afeif Bey (John Charles) lusts after Marcia and tries to attack her. Lawton sees them together and jealously stabs Marcia, who crumbles to the ground -- only she's not dead. The knife was a collapsible fake. Here's where the film's title manages to fit in -- in a weak attempt at humor, Marcia claims that murder "isn't being done this season." In an ending that makes little, if any, sense Lawton and Marcia wed.