It Happened in Pikersville (1916)

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During 1914 and early 1915, Oliver Hardy learned his craft as a motion picture comedian at Lubin. Although he left the studio in early 1915, Lubin, which would soon go out of business, released films featuring him well into 1916. This one-reeler is the last recorded Lubin release in which he appeared. The Jiggs (Hardy and Mabel Paige) own a distillery, and some of their booze is stolen by a trio of hoboes -- Exhausted Eddy (Raymond McKee), Vimless Victor (Billy Bowers), and Spent Spencer (Charles W. Ritchie -- incidentally the real-life husband of Paige). The police catch Spencer and Victor, but Eddie manages to elude them and he hides in the distillery. When he discovers it is next door to the police station, he runs a hose into the cell containing his pals so they can drink up. Eddie passes out in the distillery, where the Jiggs find him. They cart him off to the jail, and the infuriated policemen go to beat up the hoboes. But the trio turns the hose on their assailants and escape.