Island Wives (1922)

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Although it had picturesque scenery, with Florida standing in for the South Seas, and some stylish clothes worn by star Corinne Griffith, this unoriginal drama didn't have a lot of substance. Griffith plays Elsa Melton, who has grown tired of life in Tahiti and longs for civilization. She gets her wish when a tropical storm blows up. While trying to get away from the storm, Elsa faints on the beach, where she is found by Hitchens, an American with a big yacht (Rockcliffe Fellows, playing a villain here after being known for his heroic roles). Hitchens convinces her that her husband Jimmy (Charles Trowbridge) is dead. On board his ship they marry and he takes her to San Francisco, but she doesn't warm up to her new spouse. This is just as well because she discovers that their wedding was illegal. She forces him to take her back to Tahiti, where it turns out that Jimmy is actually alive. Jimmy chases Hitchens out to sea and when he is assured of Elsa's faithfulness , they head back to city life.