Isi Disi: Amor a lo bestia (2004)

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Will love compromise one man's devotion to heavy rock? That's the all-important question behind this broad comedy from Spain. Isi (Santiago Segura) and Disi (Florentino Fernandez) are two best friends who live in a lower middle-class neighborhood near Madrid. Isi and Disi aren't especially bright, but their devotion to heavy metal is complete and unquestioned, and they wouldn't be caught dead listening to a lame pop singer like, say , Joaquin Sabina. However, one day Isi sees Vane (Jaydy Michel), a beautiful girl who attends a nearby college, and immediately falls head over heels in love. Trying to make conversation with her, Isi makes the shocking discovery that Vane's favorite musician is Joaquin Sabina, but instead of fleeing in terror or disgust, he actually tells her that he's a personal friend of the crooner. Can Isi fool Vane long enough to make her fall for him? Will Disi lose all respect for him? And when will Vane get around to noticing the AC/DC patches on Isi's jacket? Isi Disi: Amor a lo Bestia features a cameo appearance from Joaquin Sabina, playing himself.