Iron Strain (1915)

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This Thomas Ince production was a vehicle for durable action hero Dustin Farnum. The story is set in Alaska, where spoiled and pampered heiress Enid Markey has come for her health. Here she meets Farnum, who despite his rough exterior is likewise a child of wealth, and a Yale graduate to boot. When Markey violently rejects his romantic overtures, Farnum turns to an old Indian chum for advice. The Indian suggests rather chauvinistically that the way to win a headstrong girl is to "tame" her -- that is, treat 'er rough and make 'er like it. With the implied approval of Markey's grandfather, Farnum takes the Indian's advice, at which point the story becomes a Great White North variation of The Taming of the Shrew. It should surprise no one that, by film's end, the tables have been turned and the heroine has tamed the hero -- without his knowing it.