Intrusion of Isabel (1919)

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Isabel Trevor (Mary Miles Minter) and her brother Bert (J. Parks Jones) are left destitute after the death of their father, who went bankrupt. They sell their old Southern home and travel up north to New York with their Mammy (Lucretia Harris). Bert finds work as a valet to broker Jack Craig (Alan Forrest), but he tells Isabel he is Craig's partner. Bert is tempted by the wads of money he finds rolled up in Craig's pockets, and finally takes a roll of bills and goes to Montana. He makes a success of himself there, but when he sends funds home to his sister, they are sent back as undeliverable. After finding Bert gone, Isabel took herself and her Mammy to Craig's home and insisted on moving into "Bert's half" of the house. Craig is confounded by the situation, but he doesn't want to turn the girl away, so he goes along. He comes to love Isabel, but a wrench is thrown in their romance when a woman he vaguely knows (Mary Shelby, Minter's real life sister) comes along and pulls out a marriage license supposedly signed by Craig. Just as Bert returns to find his sister and return the money to Craig, the woman's identity is revealed -- she is "Matrimony Mary," a schemer who has tricked a long list of other men in the same way. With everything cleared up, Craig and Isabel are free to continue their romance. This was not one of Mary Miles Minter's best comedy dramas -- her acting here is poor and the plot is overdone.