Into Her Kingdom (1926)

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Corinne Griffith had pretty much limited herself to lugubrious romantic melodramas by the time Into Her Kingdom came along. The star is cast as the Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia, who is worshipped from afar by peasant-boy Stepan Mamovich (Einar Hansen). Thrown into prison by the minions of the Czar, Stepan is released just in time to participate in the 1917 revolution. Meanwhile, Tatiana and the rest of the royal family is condemned to death, but the girl is spared when a loyal servant takes her place before the firing squad. Found wandering in the streets, Tatiana is arrested and brought before the local Commissar -- who, of course, is Stepan. Harboring a deep hatred for the toppled Czarist regime, Stepan intends to force Tatiana to become his wife and subject her to the same abuse which he endured in prison. But he relents, and together they escape to America. Upon relocating in a New Jersey mill town, Stepan, feeling responsible for Tatiana's current shabby existence, intends to tell everyone that he is married to a Grand Duchess, thereby allowing her to regain her rightful place in the world. But Tatiana, now a contented wife and mother, denies her previous existence, preferring to remain with her headstrong but basically decent husband.



captive, captor, escape, execution, love, marriage-arranged, peasant, prison, revolution, royalty, servant