Innocence of Lizette (1917)

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Mary Miles Minter -- a seasoned and worldly young actress even at the age of 14 -- plays an impossibly naïve teenager in this comedy-drama. Lizette (Minter) is an orphan who is cared for by Granny Page, her dead father's landlady, and Granny's nephew, Paul (Eugene Ford). Paul has a newsstand and Lizette spends a lot of time there. One day she meets the wealthy Henry Faure (Harvey Clark), whose depression hasn't lifted since the death of his wife and child the year before. He is taken with Lizette and offers to adopt her, an offer to which Granny Page and Paul reluctantly agree. Lizette is happy in her new home, but when Faure has to go away on business for a few months, she's just as happy to spend time with Granny and Paul. When she finally comes home to Faure, she finds a baby abandoned on a doorstep, and, since Granny told her that babies come from heaven, she assumes that this one was meant to be hers. Of course, everyone else thinks she got the baby in a more earthly manner, and Faure demands to know who the father is. Confused by this, Lizette mentions Dan Nye (Ashton Dearholt), a good-looking neighborhood boy. Nye sees his chance for blackmail and offers to wed Lizette only if he's paid to do so. The truth comes out when the baby's real mother shows up and demands the baby's return. Nye is kicked out of the house and Lizette realizes she has a real sweetheart in Paul.