In the Name of the Law (1922)

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Emory Johnson both directs and acts in this sentimental family drama. Patrick O'Hara (Ralph Lewis) is a kindly policeman who finds a lost little girl (Josephine Adair) who has stolen some milk. Instead of turning her in, he brings her home, and, when she is discovered to be an orphan, adopts her. Mary grows up with O'Hara's two sons, Harry (Benny Alexander) and Johnny (Johnny Thompson). When the children grow up, Johnny (Johnnie Walker) and Mary (Ella Hall) have fallen in love and plan to marry. Harry (Johnson), a law student, is accused of stealing several hundred dollars, and his mother (Claire McDowell) is devastated by the news. Johnny resolves to get the money and clear Harry's name; unbeknownst to him, Mary also decides to help Harry. The bank where Johnny works is robbed, and he is accused of the theft. At the trial, the evidence seems overwhelming until Harry steps in and begins to work on his defense. The real robber confesses, clearing Johnny's name. Harry, too, is cleared of the charges against him and the family is happy once again.



child, education, false-accusation, lawyer, mother, murder, police, sacrifice, secretary, wife