In the Hollow of Her Hand (1918)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

A man is murdered at a roadhouse, and his widow, Sara Wrandall (Myrtle Stedman), is called to identify the body. There, she finds out that he had arrived the night before with a veiled woman, and when his body was found, the woman was gone. As she's driving back home, she sees an hysterical young female (Alice Brady) about to jump off a bridge. Instinctively knowing that she is the veiled woman, the widow saves her and takes her in. Sara has a plan for this woman, whose name is Hetty Castleton. The snooty Wrandall family was never nice to her, so she wants revenge. She tries to get it by throwing Hetty and Leslie, her late husband's brother (A.J. Herbert), together. Leslie does fall in love with Hetty, but Hetty loves an artist, Brandon Booth (Percy Marmont). While Sara is trying to carry out her scheme, the Wrandall family has been offering a ten thousand dollar reward to whoever can locate the murderer. Finally a detective hired by the elder Wrandall asserts that Sara killed her husband. Then Hetty tells the truth -- the whole truth. Mr. Wrandall had led Hetty to believe he was a single man, and when he lured her to the roadhouse, she had to kill him to defend her honor. The Wrandalls believe her. So Sara is left alone by her husband's family, and Hetty goes off to be with her artist.