In the Dark (1915)

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With the help of his frugal wife Edith (Ethel Clayton), artist Rex Mansfield (Joseph Kaufman, who also directed) becomes very successful. He is commissioned to paint a portrait of actress Julie Duval (Rosetta Brice), who mistakes his artistic fascination for love. Meanwhile, Leo Lechmeer (Jack Standing) feeds Edith's suspicions. When Julie tries to throw herself into Rex's unwilling arms and is rejected, her pride is hurt and she throws etching acid into his face, blinding him. By now, Lechmeer has convinced Edith to run off with him, but by an odd coincidence that only happens in movies, he is run over by Doctor McVickar (Charles Brandt), the very man who is about to operate on Rex's eyes. Rex gets his sight back, things smooth out between him and Edith, and the portrait of Julie is junked.