Immortal Flame (1916)

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Ada Forbes (Maude Fealy) is in love with her music teacher, Eugene Cory (James Cooley). But her father (Joseph Burke), a congressman, wants to run for senator, and Stapleton (Charles Edwards), the head of his political party, wants Ada. So Ada marries Stapleton, even though she doesn't love him. Cory is so distraught over her marriage that he is about to commit suicide. But another of his students, Alice Woods (Paula Shay) walks in and stops him. This results in another loveless marriage. But the two unhappily married lovers encounter each other once again in Washington society (Cory has become a famous composer). They take up where they left off, but Alice catches them. Ada swears that she will stay away from Cory, and that night she receives word that her mother (Louise Guischard) is dying. All of this is too much for her, and she has a breakdown. She is left in the care of a nurse who, instead of keeping an eye on her charge, falls asleep. Ada, her mind unhinged, gets up and wanders into the river, where she drowns.