Il Lungo, il Corto, il Gatto (1967)

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The final Franco and Ciccio comedy to be directed by Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci before he moved on to the violent thrillers and horror films which cemented his cult reputation, this film contains all of the mugging, wild gestures, and slapstick farce emblematic of the long-running series. This time, Franco and Ciccio (Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia) are servants in a wealthy household. The lady of the house finds a cat in her late husband's burning room and decides that the animal is his reincarnated spirit. Naturally, Franco and Ciccio are obliged to serve the cat as well, but become so upset with the annoying creature that they send it from the house. When their employer dies, she leaves them a huge inheritance on the condition that they care for the cat, so the chase is on to recover the animal and claim their fortune, leading to a number of farcical situations. Although Fulci's non-Italian fans may feel -- after watching the 13 films the legendary director made with Franco and Ciccio -- that the idea was being milked beyond all vestiges of amusement value, it should be noted that the team appeared in at least 103 additional films together for other directors. Obviously, the duo is an acquired taste.