Ikeni Panda: Nawa to Chikan (1976)

Countries - United States   |   MPAA Rating - NR
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Following up on his 1975 acclaimed cult hit Akai Pantsu no Onna, Saburo Watanabe spins this surrealist S&M Nikkatsu Roman Porno. Toshio (Yasuhiro Mihara) is a lonely teenager who lies awake at night, listening to his domineering mother Junko (Noriko Noda) make noisy love with her numerous G.I lovers. One day, he dons a pink panda suit and begins kidnapping, raping, torturing and eventually dismembering a series of young school girls. After parading around his dank hideout with the body part in hand, he crumples to the floor sweeping and crying out his mother's name. When he abducts the gorgeous Sadako (Naomi Ito), he realizes that she is femininity perfected. Though her sheer beauty tortures him, he cannot bring himself to kill her. Later, sociopathic yakuza Manda (Yoichi Kaji) enters the picture looking for both the perfect bowl of soba noodles and a beautiful damsel for his booming snuff movie outfit.