I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad! (1984)

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Synopsis by Jonathan Crow

Chen Chung stars in this Shaw Brothers-produced kung-fu saga directed by Hsu Hsia. Chin Siu-ho (Chung) is the reckless scion of a highly respected family. When he and his buddies harass the workers of a dye mill, the owner Lung goes over to the Chin residence and challenges the lad to a fight. Siu-ho loses so completely that it shames his father, prompting him to cancel Siu-ho's wedding and sever all ties with his son. Out on the street and looking to restore his name, he meets up with an itinerant Shaolin monk who eventually teaches him some kung-fu. When Siu-ho challenges his father, however, he realizes that the monk was little more than a charlatan. The defeat really stokes Siu-ho's fires and soon he is in top fighting form.