I Can Explain (1922)

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It's doubtful that any comedian could have pulled off this mixture of farce and slapstick; Gareth Hughes, whose talents were better used in light comedies and comedy dramas, didn't even have a chance. In spite of the film's title, meek Jimmy Berry (Hughes) never does get to explain anything. He's the junior partner of Dawson and Berry, and big Howard Dawson (Herbert Heyes) believes he is far too friendly with his wife, Dorothy (Grace Darmond). In reality, Dorothy is just getting investment advice, and Jimmy has a sweetheart anyhow (Bartine Burkett). But Dawson won't listen to reason and finally drags Jimmy off to South America on business, far away from his wife. But when they arrive, it turns out that Mrs. Dawson is also on board. After suffering through a lot of convoluted trouble in South America (at one point, the president of the country receives a swift kick in the rear), Jimmy returns home and saves his sweetie from marrying a rounder. Fans of Buster Keaton may note that Bartine Burkett was his co-star in The High Sign (1921), the first two-reeler he shot for his own production company.



business, jealousy, partner