I Believe (1916)

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The Reverend John Ferrier (Charles Rock) and his adopted son, Stephen (Milton Rosmer), run a mission in London. Professor Gedge (Edward O'Neill), a brilliant and elderly atheist, moves in next door and, with the help of J.W. Harden (Kenelm Foss), convinces the Ferriers' God-fearing throng to come to his Godless way of belief. When the Ferriers visit Gadge in his laboratory, there is an explosion which kills Stephen. Gadge brings him back to life, but cannot bring back his soul, so Stephen becomes an evil, licentious entity. But one day, after he has been rejected by the whole of society, Stephen asks heaven for help, and his soul returns. At that moment, both Gadge and Stephen wake up. They had been knocked out by the explosion and Gadge dreamt the whole thing. But the dream is enough to turn Gadge around and he rejects atheism. This film was made in England.