Hunted Woman (1925)

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Based on a 1916 novel by James Oliver Curwood, this robust Northwest melodrama features Seena Owen as Joanne Gray, a refined woman searching for her missing husband in a lawless Alaskan settlement. Upon arrival, Joanne falls prey to unscrupulous dancehall proprietor Quade (Victor McLaglen), but is saved in the nick of time by author-turned-prospector John Aldous (Earl Schenck). Quade, meanwhile, tortures John's partner De Bar (Francis McDonald into disclosing the whereabouts of the mine, then takes off for the gold fields -- but not before he has trapped Joanne and John in the latter's cabin. Once freed, John discovers that Culver Rann (Cyril Chadwick), Quade's silent partner, is actually Joanne's long-lost husband. When Rann claims Joanne as his wife, he is killed by a jealous Quade, making it possible for Joanne and John to plan a future together.