Hunted Woman (1916)

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Since it is her father's dying wish, Joanne (Virginia Pearson) agrees to marry the man of his choice. Unfortunately, he isn't too good a picker -- the young man he wants already has a mistress and a baby. So Joanne, who only discovers this after the wedding, refuses to have anything to do with him. Eventually, she hears that he has died and goes to British Columbia to confirm this. There she meets a writer, John Aldrous (Sidney Rankin Drew, who also directed) and falls in love with him. They marry, but it turns out that the husband isn't dead after all. He winds up kidnapping Joanne because his evil partner wants her, and the two villains fight over her. Finally, the husband is killed by the partner and the partner is killed by an associate of the author's. With both bad men dead, Joanne and Aldrous are able to be together.