Huns Wihin Our Gates (1918)

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This bottom-of-the-barrel WWI melodrama starred Derwent Caine, son of author Hall Caine, and the exotic Valkyrien. Arthur Morgan (Caine) is the son of an impoverished Southern family. The Morgans buried their fortune during the Civil War and were never able to find it again. In spite his poverty, Arthur is doing everything he can to perfect a revolutionary aeroplane engine. Prussian spies are in the area, and they offer to buy Arthur's invention for a hefty sum. Being a red-blooded American, Arthur refuses to have anything to do with them. The Prussians decide that if they can't have the engine, nobody can and they plant a bomb to destroy both the machine and its maker. Arthur's dog, however, thwarts the plan by picking up the bomb and carrying it back to the spies. A side benefit of the explosion is that it uncovers the long-lost Morgan fortune. Now, Arthur can make his sweetheart, Dorothy Waring (Valkyrien), his bride.