Hungarian Nabob (1915)

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The title character to this comedy-drama is Count John Karpathy (Charles H. Mailes), who is fond of throwing lavish parties. At one of them, he is stricken ill and it looks like he won't live. This information reaches his dissolute nephew, Bela (Franklin Ritchie), who gladly heads up from Paris to collect his inheritance. But the Count recovers and within a few days, is throwing another party, which overflows to an inn where Bela is staying. Bela, who has never met his uncle, makes some disparaging remarks about him to his face. The Count then reveals his identity and promises that while he's still alive, he'll never see any of his money. In another town, Bela and his equally incorrigible pals, meet up with a group of notorious sisters, but Bela prefers to chase after Fanny (Louise Vale), the only one with any morals. Fanny wants nothing to do with him, and when the Count hears of Bela's pursuit, he goes after Fanny himself. They get married, and since he and Fanny have a son, Bela's hope of ever seeing his uncle's money is dashed. This picture was based on the novel by Hungarian author Maurus Jokai.