Human Driftwood (1916)

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Robert Hendricks (Robert Warwick) is a young man with more money than sense. He's having an affair with Myrar (Leonore Harris), a cafe dancer, and when she finds out that he's received $20,000 in bonds, she and her pals attempt to rob his house. They're interrupted by Hendricks, and needless to say, Myra disappears from his life. He becomes a reformer and many years later is sent to Alaska in the company of Father Harrigan (Alec B. Francis). They happen on a dance hall, but Hendricks does not recognize that the woman running it is Myra. In fact, he only has eyes for Velma (Frances Nelson), an aloof young entertainer who doesn't seem to belong there. Myra claims that she is her niece, but she is actually fresh out of a convent and is being sold off to the newly-rich Lief Bergson (Albert S. Hart). The appearance of the reformers keep Myra and Bergson on their guard, but Myra keeps Hendricks away from Velma romantically by revealing her identity and telling him that Velma is the product of their long-ago affair. But when Bergson comes to take Velma away, he is stopped by Hendricks and in the resulting shoot-out, Myra is fatally wounded. Before she dies, she admits that Velma is not really her daughter. Hendricks rescues the girl for the usual clinch and fadeout.