Hulda from Holland (1916)

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With Mary Pickford in the lead, it is perhaps superfluous to name the actress who played the title character in Hulda From Holland. When her parents die, little Hulda, the oldest of four children, takes charge of her three kid brothers. The kindly Burgomaster (Charles E. Verner) sees to it that no harm comes to Hulda and her brood, and when the time is ripe, he arranges for them to join their wealthy Uncle Peter (Russell Bassett in Pennsylvania. While travelling to New York to pick up the children at dockside, Uncle Peter is knocked unconscious in an auto accident and taken to a hospital. With no one to greet them, Hulda and her siblings accept the hospitality of a Dutch boarding-house proprietress. Our heroine repays the favor by helping the Dutchwoman settle her financial problems, taking time out for a romance with handsome boarder Allan Walton (John Bowers). Unbeknownst to anyone but the audience, Allan is the son of railroad magnate John Walton (Frank Losee), who has long coveted the farm property owned by the now-amnesiac Uncle Peter. Eventually, Hulda manages to tie all the loose plot strands together, providing a happy ending for virtually everyone.