House of Whispers (1920)

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In this mystery, Spaulding Nelson (J. Warren Kerrigan) stays at the home of his uncle and aunt while they're away. The uncle, Rufus Gaston (Joseph J. Dowling), mentions that he keeps hearing ghostly voices and footsteps in the apartment. The neighbors next door are the Bradfords -- pretty Barbara (Fritzi Brunette), her sister Clara (Marjorie Wilson) and their mother (Myrtle Rischel). The strange voices are making Barbara nervous, especially because one of them sounds like Clara's supposedly dead husband, Roldo (Fred C. Jones). Roldo, of course, isn't dead at all, and he's in league with the building owner, Henry Kent (Myles McCarthy), to steal from the tenants and to blackmail Clara, who is engaged to Edward Thayer (Herbert Prior). Roldo kills one of the tenants but the murder is pinned on Nelson. However, Nelson escapes from the cops and he and Barbara finally discover the secret passageways which Roldo and Kent have been using. The criminal duo are captured and Nelson is free to be with Barbara.