House of Mirrors (1916)

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Blanche Probert (Lillian Kemble) spends a lot of lonely time at home while her husband Fred (Frank Mills) does overtime at the factory. One day the inevitable happens -- Fred comes home and finds Blanche in a compromising position with Edward Martindale (J. Frank Clendon). Actually, nothing has happened between the two, but Fred leaves without bothering to find out, taking Fred Jr. (Jack Curtis) with him. Their daughter Edith (Runa Hodges) is left with Blanche. So the couple are divorced and don't see each other for fourteen years. Blanche winds up running a gambling hall called the House of Mirrors, but she protectively keeps Edith (now played by Bliss Milford) away from the establishment. Nevertheless, Edith shows up and there she meets Tom Martindale, Edward's son (Rudolph Cameron) and her brother Fred (now played by Harry Spingler) -- although they don't realize they're siblings. Both men fall in love with her, and Fred asks Blanche for her daughter's hand. Because of a ring he's wearing, Blanche recognizes Fred as her son and at this sensitive juncture, Fred Sr. shows up. He recognizes Blanche immediately, and Blanche promptly insists she was innocent all those years before. So he finally tracks down the elder Martindale and gets the truth -- something he could have done right at the beginning (but of course, then there would have been no film). Blanche and Fred Sr. are reunited, and Edith agrees to marry Tom Martindale.