Horseshoes (1923)

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For a long stretch in the early 1920s, Larry Semon's cinematic adversary of choice was Oliver Hardy. In this two-reeler, Hardy plays a boxer, Dynamite Duffy, who has offered to pay 50 dollars to anyone who is able to spar with him for a full minute. So far nobody has been able to earn the money, but then Larry, who makes a habit of throwing rotten produce at a picture of the fighter, hits the real Duffy instead. Duffy decides that Larry would make a great sparring partner/punching bag, so everyone is surprised when the champ is knocked out. It turns out that Larry had horseshoes in his gloves, and he has to make a hasty retreat. Duffy decides to force Larry's sweetheart (Kathleen Myers) to marry him, but Larry shows up and snatches the girl from the altar. The two ride off on a motorcycle, unsuccessfully pursued by Duffy and his gang.