Hoop-La (1919)

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Billie Rhodes shows off some of her acrobatic skills in this circus film. Hoop-La Charters (Rhodes) has been raised by Old Toodles (John Cooke), a clown for Minor's Mammoth Circus. Now that she is a young woman, she has become the circus' star performer as a bareback rider, trapeze artist, and even a clown. Since she hasn't seen much outside of circus life, Hoop-La is a bit naïve and she secretly marries Joe McGee, a young man who's long on looks but short on character (Val Paul). Hoop-La's aunt takes her into her fancy home -- which, it turns out, has actually been bequeathed to the girl. Tony Barrows (Bertram Grassby) loves Hoop-La, and he overcomes his foppish ways to be worthy of her. McGee, who realizes he has married a meal ticket, is about to announce his union with Hoop-La when a fire breaks out at the circus, caused by his own drunken neglect. He dies in the flames, and Hoop-La is free to wed Barrows.