Honor of His House (1918)

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A shipwreck leaves three survivors on a desert island -- a Japanese physicist, Count Ito Onato (Sessue Hayakawa), an alcoholic American doctor, Robert Farlow (Jack Holt), and a half-white, half-Japanese dancer, Lora (Florence Vidor). Both men fall in love with Lora, but she chooses Ito because he's not a drunk like Farlow and when they are rescued, they marry. But Ito and Lora cross paths with Farlow once again, and the doctor asks Lora to run off with him. Ito sees the letter and, believing that his wife has dishonored him, he poisons her. But then he finds out from Farlow himself that Lora has been true. The only antidote for the poison is for Lora to have new blood. Farlow's can't be used since his is impure from his alcoholism, so Ito offers to undergo the operation. Although Ito has assured Farlow that he can handle the transfusion, he knows it will kill him. So he dies and Lora and the doctor are free to be together.