Honk Your Horn (1930)

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Although Lloyd Hamilton's career had slowed down considerably by the time talkies came in, this two-reel Educational comedy shows he was capable of being as funny as ever. The story -- what there is of it -- is completely nonsensical. A couple who runs an auto repair shop is having trouble making ends meet. Hamilton happens in on the situation (he actually runs a flea circus, but his charges escape and take up residence on a nearby dog), and when he sees the couple have a young child, he becomes determined to help them out. He spends the rest of the film involving various motorists in fender-benders, breaking windshields, and doing other bits of damage, while of course telling all the victims, "There's a garage just around the corner." Naturally, the police get involved and eventually Hamilton is distracted when he chases after the dog that is giving a home to his star flea. Very silly stuff, but amusing nevertheless.