Hitting the Trail (1918)

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Carlyle Blackwell and Evelyn Greeley were often paired in comedy-dramas during the latter half of the 1910s, but this time around their studio, World, cast them in a crime melodrama. Kid Kelly (Blackwell) is leading his gang in robbing a milliner's shop. Mission volunteer Flo Haines (Greeley), who has stopped by the store to admire a hat, gets caught up in all this, and when the cops come, the gang escapes but Flo is arrested as an accomplice. Instead of seeing her serve 30 days for a crime she was not involved in, Kid turns himself in and serves the required time. Under Flo's influence, he decides to follow the straight and narrow. She works at a florist's factory and is leading her fellow employees on a strike, so the Kid's disgruntled ex-girlfriend Annie (Muriel Ostriche) plots with factory owner Joe Carelli (Joseph Smiley) to trip up the couple. At first they are unsuccessful, but they finally convince Kid that Carelli and Flo are having an affair. Kid walks out in a huff and is wounded in a gang fight. Flo rushes to his side, and since he believes he is going to die, he confesses his love to her. But he recovers, so they are united once again.