Hit or Miss (1919)

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Carlyle Blackwell and Evelyn Greeley co-starred in a number of silent films -- this one is a rare comedy vehicle (more often they were in melodramas). When his father dies, press agent J. Butterfield Conroy (Blackwell) discovers that he won't get his vast inheritance until he has made a name for himself in the scientific world. The only trouble is that Conroy has no talent for science...until he meets Mary MacDowell (Greeley). She's the pretty niece of famed entomologist Professor Angus MacDowell (Jack Drumier), who is on his way to Bug Hollow to study some butterflies. Since Mary is going along, Conroy heads for Bug Hollow himself. Mary already has a couple of admirers, Frank Morrison (Richard Neal), who only pretends he is a scientist, and Ybor Cavallo (Escammillo Fernandez). Conroy uses the skills he learned as a press agent to outmaneuver the two men, and discovers that Cavallo is planning to rob the professor. He foils these plans, finds a rare bug, and wins Mary.