Warner Bros. Histeria! [Animated TV Series] (1998)

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Pressured by new FCC guidelines to come up with more "educational" children's programming, the lunatics at Warner Bros. Cartoons responded with their own special notion of an animated historical series. The result was Warner Bros. Histeria!, a jaunt through time and space in which any resemblance to actual historical events is purely accidental. In each half-hour episode, a hyped-up aggregation of "experts" known as Father Time, Lucky Bob, Lydia Karaoke, Miss Information, Mr. Smartypants, Aka Pella, Froggo, Fetch, and the grotesquely flatulent Big Fat Baby paid visits to pivotal moments in history, wherein the actual people and places involved were comically distorted, and the cold hard facts collided with a plethora of hilarious nonsequiturs, puns, inside jokes and pop-culture references. Despite all the lunacy, it was highly possible that the viewer might actually learn something while watchingt. Launched with a huge ad campaign and numerous merchandising tie-ins, Warner Bros. Histeria! joined the WB network's Saturday morning lineup on September 19, 1998. Astonishingly, this prize chunk of satire and self-lampoon failed to make a dent in the ratings, performing so weakly that only 53 of the planned 65 episodes were filmed. In 1999 the series was consigned to the WB's early-morning weekday schedule, where it ran until August 30, 2001.